The Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists (AANMS) complies with the national privacy legislation, The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001, effective 21 December 2001.

Personal information, as defined by the Act, which Members and Fellows, or applicants for Membership and/or Fellowship, provide will be used only for purposes related to Membership and/or Fellowship of the Association, or to processing applications for Membership/Fellowship, or to the conduct of the Association’s affairs.

Personal information submitted or collected from Members/Fellows or applicants for Membership/Fellowship will be regarded as confidential and will be used only for the following purposes:

  • processing a Membership and/or Fellowship application
  • identifying status as a Member/Fellow or Applicant for Membership and/or Fellowship
  • promoting scientific meetings of interest/benefit to Members/Fellows
  • forwarding educational information of interest/benefit to Members/Fellows
  • provision to other AANMS Members/Fellows (only on request, and for a purpose approved by the AANMS)
  • for any other purpose deemed of interest to Members/Fellows by the AANMS.

Except where required by legislation, Membership and/or Fellowship information is not released to outside organisations. 

On occasion, when we believe the content of the material will be of particular interest to Members/Fellows, the Association may send information to Members/Fellows on behalf of other organisations.

Members and/or Fellows may have access to the AANMS’s record of their personal information at any time by contacting the AANMS Secretariat, and may update this record at any time to ensure that it is complete and accurate.