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AANMS Theranostics Online Course #3:  Thyroid Cancer – 25 March 2024

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AANMS Theranostics Online Course #2:  Neuroendocrine Neoplasia – 23 October 2023

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AANMS Theranostics Online Course #1 Prostate Cancer – 17 July 2023

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Response Assessment in RPTs for Prostate Cancer: Everyone’s A Winner

The 2024 Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting featured a session on prostate cancer, and a presentation by Professor Louise Emmett discussing response assessment in radiopharmaceutical therapies for prostate cancer.

For the presentation on UroToday click here.

Comparing PSMA Ligands for Prostate Cancer Imaging

Professor Michael Hofman (Prostate Cancer Theranostics Imaging and Centre of Excellence [ProsTIC], Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) was recently interviewed on the similarities and differences among available PSMA ligands for PET-CT imaging and treatment in the US and elsewhere, along with clinical use decision-making and the latest research.

You can listen to the recording on UroToday here.

Brain FDG PET tutorials on-line

Item 61560 for PET for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in patients where other diagnostic methods are equivocal was introduced on 1st November 2021.

Our international expert member on dementia imaging, Professor Christopher Rowe from Austin Health in Melbourne, championed this MSAC application, and he has now put together two 60 minute tutorials to update members’ knowledge and help them better understand the interpretation of FDG PET in Dementia.

These tutorials can be accessed through the Australian Dementia Network (ADNet), of which Chris is also the Director:

We thank Chris for providing this valuable resource for all nuclear medicine clinicians.

Prostate Cancer:

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