The Australasian Association of Nuclear Medical Specialists (AANMS) is a representative body of medical practitioners working to promote and advance the clinical practice of nuclear medicine for both diagnosis and therapy.

The Association was formerly known as the Australian and New Zealand Association of Physicians in Nuclear Medicine (ANZAPNM).

Ordinary Members of the AANMS must be actively practising nuclear medicine, and must be Fellows of either the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) or the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR).

The Association is established to pursue the following objectives on a non-profit basis.

Promotion and Advocacy Functions

(a)    to be a representative body of medical practitioners working to promote and advance the clinical practice of nuclear medicine for both diagnosis and therapy;

(b)    to advise and consult with appropriate authorities including collaboration with other representative medical bodies on all matters pertaining to Nuclear Medicine; and

(c)    to promote and facilitate networking amongst Nuclear Medicine specialists.

Scientific Function

(a)    to serve as a scientific institution for the advancement of Nuclear Medicine in clinical practice that:

(i)     utilises properties of radioactive nuclides to make diagnostic evaluation of physiologic and/or anatomic conditions of the body;

(ii)    provide radionuclide therapy with unsealed radioactive sources; and

(iii)   includes, without limitation, molecular imaging and related fields;

(b)    to initiate, guide and evaluate training programs in Nuclear Medicine;

(c)    to support and promote the provision of high quality Nuclear Medicine; and

(d)    to support and promote high quality research in Nuclear Medicine.

Enablement and Development Functions

(a)    to do all things incidental and necessary to achieve the above objectives including, without limitation, providing training to staff and entering into arrangements with third parties as necessary;

(b)    to seek funding and donations from business, the community, State and Commonwealth  governments and other entities which are to be solely applied to achieve the above objectives; and

(c)    to develop and encourage a membership involved in all matters concerning the sustainability and application of Nuclear Medicine.

In supporting quality nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, the AANMS’s Members and Fellows follow a AANMS Code of Conduct.

The AANMS is a not-for-profit organisation and is governed by a Board that is elected biannually by the membership. The Association’s AANMS Constitution can be viewed here.


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No Medical Advice
The AANMS does not answer medical questions, nor does it provide referrals to specialists.