One of the components of the Advanced Training Program in Nuclear Medicine is the Continuous Assessment Program (CAP).

The aims of the CAP are to:

  1. Provide an objective measure of knowledge of material considered to be necessary for satisfactory performance as a Nuclear Medicine specialist.
  2. Act as a teaching aid to focus a trainee’s learning on the areas of importance outlined in the Nuclear Medicine Curriculum.
  3. Provide objective feedback to the trainee and the supervisor on the performance of the trainee.

The CAP is a mandatory component of the Advanced Training Program in Nuclear Medicine of the Committee for Joint College Training (CJCT) in Nuclear Medicine of the RACP and the RANZCR.  The CAP is currently run as a formative assessment program and the assessments are not used as barriers to completion of training in the specialty.

The CAP comprises a number of different types of assessments, e.g. written assignments and/or more formal face-to-face assessments (e.g. an Oral Assessment Task – OAT, and/or the American Board of Nuclear Medicine formative In-Training Examination), that may be varied from year to year and that may include online or other new types of assessments.

All trainees must complete all the CAP assessments set during their years of core Nuclear Medicine training.  Trainees doing part-time training may have their CAP assessments pro-rated to their training time, as outlined in the RACP’s Flexible Training Policy.

As the CAP is run on a calendar year basis, those trainees who enter Nuclear Medicine core training part-way through a year will normally be expected to complete 50% of the CAP assessments and/or equivalent assessments as deemed appropriate by the CAP Coordinator.

Governance of the Continuous Assessment Program

While the Committee for Joint College Training in Nuclear Medicine (CJCT) has the overall responsibility for the training of Nuclear Medicine Specialists in Australia and New Zealand, the AANMS manages the Continuous Assessment Program on the CJCT’s behalf and reports to the CJCT and to the Board of the AANMS as required.

Further Information

Details of the requirements (including dates of assessment tasks) for the current year’s CAP are listed on the AANMS’s Trainee Resource and Education Centre (TREC).

Please note that the TREC is open to current nuclear medicine trainees only. Please contact the AANMS Secretariat if you need further information.