Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025


The Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists (AANMS) is a representative body of medical practitioners working to promote and advance the clinical practice of nuclear medicine for both diagnosis and therapy.


The purpose of the AANMS is to:

  • Promote and advance the clinical practice of the medical specialty
  • Initiate, guide and evaluate training programs in Nuclear Medicine
  • Support and promote the provision of high quality Nuclear Medicine
  • Support and promote high quality research in Nuclear Medicine
  • Advise and consult with appropriate authorities on all matters pertaining to Nuclear Medicine
  • Represent the interests of Nuclear Medicine
Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is the first undertaken for the organisation and represents a significant step in setting the direction of nuclear medicine promotion and advancement.

The need to set the strategic direction of the organisation is driven by the changing nature of the delivery of nuclear medicine – it is a profession that is rapidly embracing new technologies. The profession must be able to establish itself as a core part of medical practice. This is needed for the future of the profession to be secured.

In developing the strategic plan, the AANMS engaged in two in-depth sessions with the AANMS Board members, long term and new nuclear medicine professionals, representatives and prominent members of the profession. Through this process, strategic focus areas were identified and further work undertaken to consolidate these focus areas and the detail required to embed them in the work of the organisation.

The strategic plan will be reviewed annually to review progress in achieving the goals and measures of success. This review will allow the strategic plan to be updated to reflect changes in circumstance and, where required, the reallocation of priorities, ensuring the effective allocation of association resources.

Areas of Strategic Focus and Goals 2020-2025

AANMS has five strategic focus areas with related goals that guide all activities:

Strategic Focus Areas


Professional Development

Promote and develop Nuclear Medicine expertise for the future of the Nuclear Medicine profession.


Ensure a strong, single voice representing Nuclear Medicine.

Standards and Quality

•  Appropriate governance and compliance
•  Ensure a skilled and diverse Board representing different parts of Nuclear Medicine specialists


• Increase value for members
• Maximise engagement with other parts of the profession

Research and Innovation

Promote and engage in evidence-based research and clinical trials and collaboration

AANMS Strategic Plan

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